Who Am I


20 years of experience in plastic injection mould industry.

In electronic goods and closure industries, 7 years on mould construction and mould shop management.

In automotive (passenger and light commercial vehicles) industry, 6 years on mould project & quality management and 7 years on mould investment management for multinational projects.

Member of Board in Mould Makers’ Association of Turkey.

BSc. Mechanical Engineering.

MSc. Accounting Management & Financial Control.

Vision & Values

Earth doesn’t need us, we need it to survive.

Value optimization is not a fashion, it is a living style.

Whatever the matter maximizing the overall benefit and minimizing the waste in any situation.

Trusted, open minded, objective, competent, hardworking, honest, self-disciplined, agile, mediator, continuously learning. Spoken languages; French, English, Italian and Turkish.

Appreciated reputation in Turkish Automotive and Mould Industries.


Creating in my impact perimeter as much as possible efficiency and productivity with a lean workflow.

Serving engineering solutions to my Costumers to maximize their overall benefit with analytically thinking and systematically execution way.

Establishing synergic and agile network for my Costumers’ needs.

Developing mould makers, part producers and OEMs in terms of Tooling Project & Quality Management and Mould Investment Management.

What Is a Plastic Injection Mould

A Machine

An injection mould is a machine that enables dreams to come true.

It is a perfect application of Mechanical Engineering, based on Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer and Theory of Machines sub disciplines.

It is a door that lets us pass from the virtual world to the real world.


In terms of mouldability, an injection mould is a multi-answer available question.

For a given plastic part 3D CAD model, you may get dozens of offers from different mould makers, all different from each other. While, from all these offered moulds it will be possible to demould the given 3D CAD model.

But, is the mouldability your only aim?


Industrialization means creating profit. Who builds the mould, who uses it for part production and who buys these parts to produce a car must earn money!

While using the mould, neither the operator and the mould, nor the moulded parts and any other production equipment and plant must not face a safety risk.

All above mentioned operation must be eco-friendly, lawful and sustainable within defined project lifetime.

“Mould Investment Management” in Automotive Industry

Understanding the Purpose

Comprehending the purpose of a plastic part in the automotive project is the key for a successful mould project startup.

The purpose is composed by; The 3D CAD data, plastic raw material, esthetical and functional expectation from the part, assembly design of the part on the car.

Being aware of each single ring of the value chain both for automotive and mould project is a must to reach the overall benefit maximization, in another word for industrialization.

Experience and strong background in both industries are details to make a difference in the field.

Managing the Supplier Parks

Experience and strong background in both industries are details to make a difference in the field.

Plastic injection mould is a tool. A tool that must enable the optimum injection process window to its user.

So, the point is the ability to design the injection process. That is why not all suppliers are right ones for each plastic part and not all mould makers are right ones for each mould.

Design to Cost (D2C) & Design to Manufacture (D2M) are side benefits of Mould Investment Management that create real Cost Reduction & Cost Avoidance.

Delicate balance on the cutting edge

Mould Investment Management is an art of balancing three basic inputs; Time – Quality – Money while assuring industrialization of the project.

Behavioral and social relation skills are indispensable to create a synergy and guide the team to the unique aim with enthusiasm.

To be able to combine people from different cultures and competencies, the leader must be multicultural and competent in both automotive and mould industries.

Interactions between the automotive project and the mould projects must be managed to build and maintain the delicate balance of cost & time to reach the aimed quality of the purpose.

What I Offer

Mould Investment Management on Behalf of OEMs & Tier1s

Early Involvement Management of Mould Makers in Design Phase at OEMs with / without Tier1s

Plastic Injection Process Design Evaluation & Optimization for D2C / D2M

Turnkey Mould Project Monitoring, Reporting and Buy Off on Behalf of OEMs & Tier1s

Engraving Process Management

Training & Seminars That I offer

Plastic Injection Mould From Style to Vehicle

2 Days training in class room. (1 Day for Executive Version)

Plastic Injection Mould Investment Management in Automotive Industry

1 Day seminar in auditorium / classroom.

Plastic Injection Process Simulation, Why?

1/2 Day seminar in auditorium / classroom.

Target Attendees

OEM Specialists / Engineers / Administrators / Managers / Directors

Cost Engineering

Project Development

Project Planning

Mould Procurement


Supplier Quality

TIER1 Specialists / Engineers / Administrators / Managers / Directors

Injection Process Development

Project Planning


Mould Procurement


Supplier Quality

Project Follow-Up


MOULD MAKER Specialists / Engineers / Administrators / Managers / Directors

Project Planning




Project Follow-Up

Contact & Questions



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